Nuestras Madres y Bebes

Mom - Jackie
Child - Sophia 6 & Leo 2

"I am proud to have donated my children’s cord blood in honor of The Brady Kohn Foundation. Together moms can save lives one baby at a time. YOUR cord blood could save a life."
Mom - Kendall
Child - Joshua

"When we donated Joshua’s cord blood in 2005, BKF was still in the pilot phase of the public cord blood program. The only reason we decided to donate was because my prenatal exercise teacher, Dee, mentioned the foundation and the free option that was available. At the time, I had only seen flyers trying to get us to pay lots of money to privately bank it – this to me meant it must be important for some reason. So I figured if we could give it to someone else for free – why not??

Fast forward four years – and now I am President of the Board of Trustees. Obviously, I found out along the way how important cord blood is and I am very passionate about spreading the word and making sure that no mom goes without at least knowing what her options are and how she can Give Life. Twice."
Mom - Laura
Child - Richie

Mom - Liz
Child - Claire

Mom - Laura
Child - Quinn

Mom - Michelle
Child - Jakob

"Life is so very precious & our little bundles of joy are truly miracles. The fact that cord blood could help save another life is amazing. I was thrilled I learned about the opportunity to donate my son's umbilical cord through the BKF. Why wouldn't I? There's no harm to myself or my child. How many chances do we have to save a life? The Brady Kohn Foundation made the process simple and easy. I will without a doubt donate my future child's cord as well."
Mom - Erica
Child - Loretta

"I donated my daughter's cord blood.I made the choice after personally meeting Brady's parents and learning about their mission. It was such an easy choice and great experience. I recommend donation to everyone I know. "
Mom - Stephanie
Child - Layla

“Flush with the excitement of my first pregnancy, I sought a means to donate the life-saving cells nestled in my soon-to-be child’s umbilical cord. My research proved futile; there was no mechanism in place for such a gift to be made. After encountering great difficulty bringing my first born into the world, I was even more driven to share the miracle that my second pregnancy was healthy. The Brady Kohn Foundation provided just such a way to share my blessings and make the birth of my daughter even more meaningful. I was so impressed with the fact that in the two years between my daughter’s births the Foundation was able to efficiently fill this complete gap in donation services that I began volunteering on BKF’s behalf.”
Mom - Christine
Child - Nolan

Mom - Frances
Child - Payton

"Knowing we potentially gave someone else's child a second chance at life is a feeling that cannot simply be put into words. It evens brings a smile to our daughter, Payton's face, knowing that Mommy & Daddy cared enough to help someone in need."
Mom - Beth
Child - Grace

Mom - Chrissy
Child - Johnny

Mom - Clarrisa
Child - Meaghan and Emily

I know how important it is to donate cord blood to treat patients with leukemia and other life-threatening diseases. I sincerely hope my donation helps save a life
Mom - Carolyn
Child - Jack

Our 100th Unit Banked!!!
Mom - Tracy
Child - Alexandra & Carter

As a scientist and biologist I know all the medical reasons why cord blood donation is beneficial and have always been a supporter in theory. However, only when I became a mother could I really understand and realize the true potential of this life saving practice. To me the greatest gift we can give our children is not only life itself but the gift of knowing how to be a compassionate person. What better way to start out in the world than by having your child embody this trait through the gift of cord blood donation and the potential to save a life? For me there was never a question why I would donate my children's cord blood. How could I not donate, especially knowing that there was some child out there that could be saved by my simple, easy, pain-free act and as a result I would be starting my child's own life off with the greatest lesson I could ever provide. This is why I have donated both my daughter and son's cord blood and why I have been a volunteer for the foundation for three years. I believe in the gift of compassion and the gift of life.
Mom - Martie
Child - Lelia, Cambria, & Warner

"I have donated through BKF three times. Our children were born making miracles. What could be a better legacy than giving hope & life. We will continue to spread the message so that other parents will share with us the gift of childhood."
Mom - Danielle
Child - Lauren

Mom - Melissa
Child - Abigail Jane

"My husband and I moved to Delaware from Baltimore during my 27th week of pregnancy, but I continued visiting my doctor in Maryland until 34 weeks. At 34 weeks I switched to "All About Woman" at Christiana Hospital where I received information about the Brady Kohn Foundation. I wanted to donate her cord blood since we were not planning on freezing it for ourselves and I figured that it might as well be donated instead of just becoming medical waste. When I called to get information they sent the paperwork and I filled it out quickly, not knowing if I would go into labor early and not have the supplies for cord blood collection. The big day came and I proudly carried my box of supplies into the hospital with me. Christiana Hospital was so efficient that I had to ask my husband if they even remembered to collect the cord blood- they did! I am so happy that Abigail's cord blood is available to save a life! I will DEFINITELY donate with the rest of my babies (and if I have my way there will be 3 more!)"

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Este sitio está dedicado a esos padres amorosos y considerados que generosamente escogieron hacer una diferencia en las vidas de otros, al donar la sangre del cordón de sus bebe al nacer. No hubo fan farras, ni celebraciones, solo la paz de conciencia de saber que ellos pudieron dar vida a otros, al mismo tiempo que le dieron la bienvenida a su bebe en este mundo. Nosotros aplaudimos a cada uno de ustedes y le damos las gracias desde el fondo de nuestros corazones.

Disfrute de estos bebes hermosos. Cada uno es único en espíritu pero están unidos por el regalo de salvar vidas.

  • 1-866-SAVCORD To register to donate your Umbilical Cord Blood.
  • Give life.Twice.
  • The Brady Kohn Foundation ph (302) 765-2875 • fx (302) 765-3343 P.O. Box 7261 Wilmington, DE 19803